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9 out of 10 data subjects do not read Privacy Policies because they are too long (62%), unclear (39%) or use difficult legal vocabulary (37%).

Online customers feel that webshops and social media should be more transparent about the processing of their data .

Almost 8 out of 10 data subjects would not hesitate to file a complaint to the supervisory authority if they feel their rights are infringed upon.

Source: Brandhome, Privacy & Data Protection research, 2018

The accepting statement that we have read the terms & conditions or the privacy policy before signing is nothing but the biggest lie on the internet.

We live in a world where law seems to be getting more and more complex. Most contracts are lengthy and all too often the end reader of the contract is forgotten.

However, today consumer's trust is dwindling and consumers have little loyalty to interchangeable brands. It is time we need something different. End readers need and deserve better!

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The Ctrl-P Method

The method offers a structured, yet flexible, practical and low-cost path on how to come up with great ideas and how to implement them in contract design.

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