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Ctrl-P offers a wide range of consulting services with the expertise to help grow your business. Making use of our qualitative expertise is as easy as pressing the Ctrl-P key on your keyboard. And besides, it should never be harder than simply just that.

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What we are about

Mission & Vision

At Ctrl-P, we offer custom-tailored and qualitative advice on what your business needs to undertake in order to (re)gain control over privacy. Our experts enable hands-on, easy to implement solutions to help control flows of data allowing you to stay innovative.

Our mission is to make the right to privacy more workable and more controllable for citizens and companies.

Our five promises:

  1. We turn a regulatory burden into your strength;

  2. We offer custom-tailored solutions over a wide array of services;

  3. We boost your operations allowing you to stay innovative;

  4. We enable you to take control over the situation you bring us in for;

  5. We offer easy-to-implement solutions to turn you into a brand that is more than compliant.

Your three main benefits:

  1. Attract privacy-centric contacts while earning customer-loyalty.

  2. Exude professionalism by positioning yourself as a 21st century brand.

  3. Fully benefit from your personal database to explore and integrate innovative projects.



Discover Our Expertise


GDPR & Data Protection

After an initial audit, our expert will help you decide what the best course of action should be for your business. We will create a plan of action that is just right for you. Soon enough, the way you handle data will be one of the major selling points of your business, effectively turning a regulatory burden into an asset. Making your service stand out, above all others.


Expertise & Guidance

Finding your way through the many regulations and procedures that marketing law entails can be a hassle. Sit back and let our experts guide you through your questions concerning commercial practices in promotions, intellectual property and direct marketing.



"I have a wide expertise in IT & IP Law, specialising
in Privacy, Intellectual Property and Marketing Law.

My journey started in an innovative legal start-up.
Then I decided to broaden my horzion by joining a
well-respected branding agency.


After learning as much as I could, it was time to found Ctrl-P in
order to fulfill the mission of making the law
understandable for all."



Legal Counsel IT/IP
Certified DPO

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Marie Popelinkaai 2, 9050 Ledeberg


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